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Surgery Centers (ASCs)

Pacific Eye Institute is proud to have three premier outpatient ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) across the Inland Empire. Our expert surgeons and dedicated staff perform a wide range of ophthalmic procedures in our ASCs including cataract surgery, corneal transplants, glaucoma procedures, eyelid surgeries, and much more. Patient comfort and quality care are our top priority. You can rest assured that from the moment you step into our surgery centers, the Pacific Eye Institute team will focus ensuring you are comfortable, your questions are answered, and you are fully prepared for your surgical procedure. The ASC team is committed to the highest standard of patient. For eye surgery in California, Pacific Eye Institute has you covered!

Convenience and Quality Care Close to Home!

Our Surgical centers are conveniently located within some of the same locations you go for your regular eye appointments. This means that no matter which of our locations you choose, if you need advanced surgical care for your eye conditions we will have a Pacific Eye Institute location nearby and ready to serve you.


Since opening in 1981, our surgery center in Upland has been the flagship location for our patient’s eye surgeries. Our surgery center is located in to our ophthalmology clinic in Upland.

Pacific Eye Institute
555 North 13th Ave.
Upland, CA 91786


The Pacific Eye Institute Surgery Center in Colton is called San Bernardino Eye Surgery Center. Located in the same building as our Colton Ophthalmology Clinic, getting the advanced care you need is easy!

San Bernardino Eye Surgery Center
1900 E Washington St,
Colton, CA 92324

Apple Valley

As of the summer 2022, we are incredibly proud of have opened a new surgery center in the High Desert! Located just down the road from our main Apple Valle Clinic, patients in the High Desert who will no longer have to drive upwards of an hour to have any needed ophthalmology surgical care. 

High Desert Eye Surgery Center
16030 Kamana Road
Apple Valley, CA 92307

Preparing for your Surgery

At Pacific Eye Institute we want to ensure you are as educated as possible about your surgery, please review the information below to learn more about financial and insurance coverage information, what you can expect between now and your procedure, and even how to submit feedback after your procedure is complete!

Please review the below information as it pertains to the financial aspects of your upcoming surgery. Having comprehensive information regarding both the medical and financial details of your procedure is important and helpful in making decisions about your care.

Prior to your surgical appointment, a member of our Surgery scheduling team will confirm the insurance we have on file is active and will gather data regarding your current benefits for outpatient surgery. If you have additional questions about your insurance coverage or are interested in obtaining a pre-surgical estimate regarding your out of pocket expenses, please contact our Surgery scheduling team at 800-345-8979.

Note: If you know your insurance plan will be changing, it is imperative that you contact our team immediately to review coverage and possible new authorization requirements. 

Collecting Payment Prior to Surgery

  • If you have a high deductible insurance plan, it is our policy to collect your estimated patient responsibility (out of pocket expense) prior to, or on the day of surgery. If this will be required, our office will be in contact with you within 1 week of your surgical procedure. At that time, we will inform you of your insurance benefits, provide you with an estimated out-of-pocket quote, and advise the amount that will be collected on, or before your surgery.
  • If you are proceeding with an elective/cosmetic procedure, or a surgery that you know your insurance will not cover, the fee for these services will be due in full prior to, or on the day of surgery. This includes the additional fees involved for those patients opting for an upgraded surgical lens as part of their cataract surgery. These elective or cosmetic fees are in addition to any insurance out of pocket expense that may be applicable to your surgery.

Billing for a Procedure

There are a variety of fees that may be billed for a procedure performed within our practice.

  • Clinic/Evaluation Fee Clinic charges prior to or on the same day of surgery are not part of your surgical fee and will be billed separately.
  • Professional Fee includes the surgeon fee and post-operative care provided by Pacific Eye Institute.
  • Facility Fee includes use of the operating room, supplies, personnel, and equipment, and will be billed separately for services rendered at our surgical centers.
  • Anesthesia, pharmacy, and pathology fees are provided by an outside party and will be billed separately (if applicable).


If you are interested in financing any out-of-pocket expenses related to your procedure, PEI offers Care Credit. Information about Care Credit and their deferred interest plans can be found here.

Contact Us

If you have further questions about your insurance coverage or the financial aspects associated with your procedure, please feel free to contact our Surgery Scheduling Team: 800-345-8979

  • We can confirms insurance eligibility and benefits
  • We can review and coordinates authorization or referrals for surgery
  • We can calculates pre-surgical quotes for estimated patient responsibility

For patients undergoing surgery in our ASC, a medical clearance may be required within 30 days of your procedure. Please wait to schedule this until surgery dates have been booked, as this exam is time-sensitive and will need to be repeated if it falls outside of the 30-day window.

Surgery is oftentimes performed in one of our Ambulatory Surgery Centers, however there are times when surgery may be recommended at an affiliated hospital. Depending on age, medical history, care needs and BMI, some patients may be better suited for surgery in a hospital setting. For questions or concerns, please speak with your surgeon.

Patients undergoing surgery of any kind are required to have someone drive them to and from the procedure. We also require that the driver remains in the waiting room until the patient is discharged. If the patient wishes, the individual accompanying them is welcome into the post-op area to listen to the discharge instructions following surgery. Many patients appreciate the second set of ears to ensure they understand all the medication and healing instructions before they leave.

Within 48 hours of your procedure, you can expect a call from our surgery scheduling team to review a variety of reminders and instructions. They will discuss with you the surgery and arrival time, eating and drinking restrictions and any other instructions related to your specific procedure. Our surgery scheduling team is happy to answer any remaining questions you may have and will make sure you feel comfortable and prepared for your upcoming surgery.

A few of these were mentioned above, but here are a few important reminders for the day of your surgery.

  • Fasting – Follow the appropriate fasting instructions provided during your pre-operative phone call. Depending on the type and time of your procedure, you may be asked to refrain from eating and drinking anything after midnight.
  • Surgery Folder – At the time of scheduling the procedure, you will likely receive a surgery folder containing post-op appointment information and discharge instructions, etc. Please bring this folder with you on surgery day.
  • Payment – If you are undergoing an elective procedure or are opting into an upgraded, non-covered service package, please be aware that we will collect payment at check-in.
  • Driver – Please have a driver accompany you to and from your surgery and remain in the waiting room while you undergo the procedure. Depending on the surgery, they can plan to be at our facility for 2.5 – 4 hours, considering there is the time needed in both the pre-op and post-op areas in addition to the time needed to perform the procedure itself.

Surgical Forms For your Visit

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