At Pacific Eye Institute, we aim to continuously provide our patients with the most advanced vision care. We take pride in the fact our doctors are improving patients’ vision and their quality of life with new and innovative technology, including the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) for cataract patients. The LAL stands out from other intraocular lenses for cataracts as it allows truly customized vision. This gives cataract patients multiple chances to test out their vision after surgery and customize it for the best possible outcome. Dr. Pejman Bakhtiary, Dr. Edward Yung, Dr. Ryan Smith and our other cataract surgeons are dedicated to providing cataract patients with the latest advancements and treatment available.

Dr. Edward Yung evaluating a patient‘s eyes

“I’ve had great results with the Light Adjustable Lens. My patients are specifically pleased with the flexibility in post-op refractive outcomes, titrated to their individual needs. The LAL is a great premium lens option for cataract patients with other preexisting eye conditions.”

Dr. Edward Yung

Patient feedback continues to impress us with the visual outcomes and options that the Light Adjustable Lens brings.

“The introduction of the Light Adjustable Lens here at Pacific Eye Institute has allowed me to overcome many of these challenges for my patients. Everyone loves it so far, especially patients with a history of RK (Radial Keratotomy) or refractive surgeries like LASIK. I have had great feedback so far and look forward to the future patients I’ll be able to help.”

Dr. Pejman Bakhtiary

We want our patients, co-managing physicians, and other healthcare professionals to be well-informed on innovative technology in cataracts and eye care. Dr. Bakhtiary and Dr. Yung discussed several questions and topics regarding the Light Adjustable Lens for cataract patients.

Q&A about the Light Adjustable Lens:

What are the long-term benefits of LAL for patients?

The Light Adjustable Lens improves cataract patients’ quality of vision for both far and near, thereby reducing their dependence on glasses. The customized vision that comes with the LAL is also glare-free and halo-free.

Who is the LAL suited for?

The LAL is a good option for any cataract patient. It can be suited for patients with irregular corneas, diabetic changes in the retina, mild-moderate macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Other premium lens options may not suit patients who have irregular corneas or abnormal retinas as these other eye conditions can interfere with the function of the intraocular lenses.

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What should a patient expect from the process and typical treatment timeline?

After surgery with the LAL, patients will need a few more visits to perform measurements and adjustments. For the light treatments, we need to dilate the pupil. Adjustments usually start around 4-6 weeks after surgery; however, every eye could be different.

How does the post-operative care for the LAL work?

Right after the cataract surgery, patients will wear UV-protective glasses full-time until the final light treatment.  These glasses protect the lens in the eye until the light adjustment treatments are completed. Starting 17-21 days after the LAL surgery, the patient will come in to have their eyes examined by a specialist. The specialist will dilate the patient’s eyes and dial in a customized prescription. The patient will then have the option of two additional visits for further adjustments. The patient can take off the UV-blocking glasses 24 hours after the final light treatment.

Our eye doctors at Pacific Eye Institute are grateful to continue improving the quality of life for our patients with the Light Adjustable Lens. Schedule a cataract evaluation to see if you’re a good candidate for the LAL by calling us at (800) 345-8979. Visit our cataracts page to learn more about what to expect during cataract surgery.