Now offering virtual visits for non-urgent appointments


Recent government action has expanded telehealth coverage for patients nationwide. Simply put, this means that you don’t have to wait to schedule face-to-face, non-urgent appointments with our expert ophthalmologists. By using chat technology (like Apple FaceTime) on a smartphone or tablet, qualifying patients can schedule a live interactive visit with one of our providers. Please […]

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What Kind of Sedation is Used for Cataract Surgery?

Older man and child

Updated: Cataracts, a prevalent age-related condition, occur when the eye’s lens becomes progressively cloudy, leading to impaired vision. The treatment for cataracts involves a straightforward surgical procedure, wherein the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a clear intraocular lens (IOL). In contemporary practice, cataract surgery is predominantly performed on an outpatient basis, typically concluding […]

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What is the Average Age for Cataract Surgery?

Older Couple

A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Your eye’s natural lens is located directly behind the pupil and is made up of mostly water and protein. As you get older, the protein parts of the lens can begin to clump together. These clumps start small but grow larger over time. The bigger […]

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