At Pacific Eye Institute, we aim to provide our patients with the most advanced technologies and vision care solutions. We are proud to announce Dr. Ryan G. Smith has expanded vision correction options with the Apthera IC-8 Intraocular Lens (IOL). On Tuesday, June 13th, he was the first surgeon in the Inland Empire to implant the Apthera IC-8 IOL, a recent lens technology that provides new visual benefits to cataract patients. 

Dr. Smith and our other surgeons take great pride in offering cataract patients the newest advancements and treatment options available. 

“Our patients deserve the best care and the latest technology and the Apthera IC-8 IOL will allow our patients another option for spectacle independence. As a cornea specialist, I am excited for the potential of this lens to help our patients with prior RK, LASIK, PRK, and corneal scarring issues improve their vision.”

Dr. Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Advanced Lens Implant Pioneer

Dr. Ryan G. Smith & Dennis Chan (Bausch & Lomb)

Dr. Smith explained the ways he feels physicians can set themselves up for success in the fast-paced world of Ophthalmology. Attending conferences, networking with colleagues, and going to lectures are some of the methods he uses to stay in touch with the latest technology in cataracts and eye health. 

“Staying up to date on the latest technology and surgical techniques is paramount to offering our patients the best results possible. It can be tempting to stay in the “comfort zone” of technology a physician already uses, but one of the great things about our field is that ophthalmology is continually advancing.”

We want fellow physicians, medical professionals, and patients to be educated on the latest technology regarding cataracts and vision health. Dr. Smith discussed several questions and topics related to cataracts and the IC-8 intraocular lens.

Q&A about Apthera IC-8 IOL

What happens during Cataract Surgery and how are lenses involved?
During cataract surgery, the surgeon removes the natural cloudy lens and replaces it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). With many different lens options available, patients can evaluate and specify how they would prefer their vision after the surgery.

What is the IC-8 IOL?
The IC-8 is a specialized intraocular lens designed so cataract patients can attain sharp, uninterrupted vision for both near and intermediate distances while preserving their distance vision to a significant extent.

How is the IC-8 different from other IOLs and how it would benefit patients?
This IC-8 cataract lens technology has several benefits including an extended range of vision, reduced dependency on glasses, enhanced vision, improved visual comfort, visual satisfaction, and more. The IC-8 uses a small aperture technology. This is the black ring you see on the lens (that goes behind your pupil). This technology filters out poor-quality light and allows a high-quality image to form on the retina. It also allows for a depth of focus to provide computer vision and even reading vision to some patients without causing glare and haloes at night.

Who is a candidate for this IC-8 Lens Technology?
Although the IC-8 lens comes with several potential benefits, some patients may not be eligible for this treatment option. Patients should speak with their eye doctor to see what lens options they recommend. The eye doctor will assess each patient’s visual needs, eye health, lifestyle, and other factors before reviewing available benefits and options. 

To find out more, or about our physicians who use the Apthera IC-8, schedule an exam with your Pacific Eye Institute cataract surgeon to see if the IC-8 cataract lens is suitable for you. Call us at (800) 345-8979 or request an appointment below.