Recent government action has expanded telehealth coverage for patients nationwide. Simply put, this means that you don’t have to wait to schedule face-to-face, non-urgent appointments with our expert ophthalmologists. By using chat technology (like Apple FaceTime) on a smartphone or tablet, qualifying patients can schedule a live interactive visit with one of our providers. Please be aware that these are billable encounters just as if you had come into the office.

“We are proud to offer our patients an alternative option for their eye care during this historic time,” said Dr. Peter Bekendam. “We are thrilled to grant the community access to quality eye care via interactive consultations done via smartphone or tablet. Our team is following best-practices to ensure patient privacy and security.”

When should I visit the office in person?

Our virtual services aren’t right for everyone. We recommend you schedule an urgent clinic visit if you have:
R – Red Eyes
S –  Sensitivity
V – Vision Loss
P –  Pain

When can I use virtual services?

If you aren’t experiencing any issues stated above, you may be a candidate for evaluation using our virtual services. Our virtual visits include nearly all types of non-urgent eye care needs  – including medical management of certain eye conditions.  We will work with you to identify appropriate next steps of care.


During the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is allowing virtual health visits through everyday technologies. Our scheduling team will work with our patients to confirm if individual patient chat technology is approved and compatible with Pacific Eye Institute’s technology.

CMS is not allowing any public live-streaming, this includes the following applications.
• Facebook Live
• Twitch
• TikTok

Tips for online safety

Your safety is our highest priority, both in terms of health and your online security. Please be advised that when using any third-party application you may potentially introduce privacy risks and should use encryption and privacy modes when using such applications.

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