It’s important to understand that with macular degeneration, you are dealing with two issues: the medical condition causing vision oss and the vision  loss itself. Macular degeneration doctors include retina specialists and low vision specialists. These well-trained doctors can assist you with diagnosis and treatment of macular degeneration as well as vision aid services.

Retina Specialist: A retina specialist is a medical doctor – an ophthalmologist who has done an extra fellowship training in retinal diseases for one or two years after completing his residency in ophthalmology. The special retina fellowship training teaches doctors to diagnose and treat eye conditions that affect the retina, such as macular degeneration. Ophthalmologists and retina specialists are able to:

  • Provide eye exams
  • Prescribe medications
  • Perform surgical procedures
  • Diagnose and manage eye diseases and treat and repair eye injuries

Low Vision Specialists: Another macular degeneration doctor to have on your team is a low vision specialist. They are licensed Doctors of Optometry or Ophthalmology, who are skilled in the examination, treatment and management of patients with eye conditions that are not treatable or correctable by medicine, surgery or with glasses. Low vision specialists have extensive training and experience in dealing with the visual issues of macular degeneration.

Low vision specialists can help you to continue to do the many activities you have always enjoyed like reading, watching TV, and cooking. A low vision specialist can help you:

  • Learn to use your peripheral vision
  • Assist you in adapting your home with better lighting and other aids
  • Determine what low vision optical devices are best suited for you
  • Fit you with the most appropriate glasses, magnifiers, and other low vision devices

Finding and utilizing macular degeneration doctors will provide you with not only treatment options but with hope and optimism for the future as you learn about the many new low vision technologies that are available to allow you to continue enjoying your daily activities.

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